Tammy Ratcliff



Compassion Tent – Gather in the County, PEC – June 2024

The Compassion (Pit) Tent will be making an appearance at Gather in the County, June 15th, 2024 in Picton PEC.

I will also be showing some hand stitched paper creations in a separate booth as myself.

‘Compassion Pit’- call for participation

Hello there lovely creative people! I am in the process of building an interactive soft space filled with positive, supportive messages, secrets and shared stories. This project (title, ‘compassion pit’) will be installed in the Black Sheep Festival when it is able to return.

Would you like to share some kind words, secrets or a difficult story anonymously with others? I am collecting embroidered, painted or patched squares of fabric or paper that can be tucked into a pant pocket. A dialog will form through the many pockets on the walls.
If you would like to stitch a story that you need to release or a message for someone else who may benefit from your encouraging words, please contact me at info@tammyratcliff.com. I will send you all of the details. If you need the materials to work with, I will send those to you too.

Thank you!